Ribbons WITH Pins Attached? We've Got 'Em!

Ribbons WITH Pins Attached? We've Got 'Em!

You asked, we listened! Our satin and vinyl ribbons are now available with the option to buy with safety pins already attached!

For those of you who don't have the need for safety pins never fear, the option to buy them as you always have is still there. However, one piece of feedback we have noticed is that you would love the option to have your ribbons already pinned and ready to go... And we are so pleased to be able to bring this to you as a new offering!

If you have feedback on something you'd like to see from us we'd love to hear from you. Something we are passionate about at School Merit Solutions is creating fabulously fun products that also help make things convenient for you - our wonderful customers and friends! So please let us know if you have an idea for us to take on board, we'd love to make things as perfect for you as possible :)

Kate Hannah

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