Vinyl Ribbons Pack (large)


School sports day made easy... Save the time spent shopping for everything individually by choosing one of our sports packs (you can even save 15% by subscribing to have your pack of choice delivered at monthly intervals set by you!).

This pack contains:
300 x First place vinyl ribbons (SR1)
300 x Second place vinyl ribbons (SR2)
300 x Third place vinyl ribbons (SR3)
300 x Fourth place vinyl ribbons (SR4)
12 x packs of safety pins
108 x 'Fantastic Effort' stickers
108 x 'Super Effort' sticker
108 x 'I'm a good sport' stickers
108 x 'Well Done' stickers

 NOTE: For subscriptions, payment is taken from your nominated account at monthly intervals as set by you. Please ensure you make note of the date this falls on, as any subscription cancellation or order skipping must be done prior to this date to ensure you don't receive the next subscription box.

You must receive a minimum of two subscription orders before being able to cancel your subscription.

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